International Student Charrette

The IFLA2020 International Student Charrette for will be held on a virtual platform, offering the participants to the three-day workshop from July 28th to July 30th, 2021. Students from landscape architecture programs (and other related fields) at the undergraduate and master's levels are encouraged to come together to create a variety of creative outputs related to this year's theme, SUSTAINABLE GREEN CLIMATE POST COVID-19.

The Student Charrette is jointly organised by the Institute of Landscape Architects Malaysia (ILAM) and International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA). The Student Charrette will be hosted by the School of Housing, Building and Planning, Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) and the Centre for Marine and Coastal Studies (CEMACS).

Why You Should Participate?

The International Student Charrette is intended to be fun and enjoyable workshop where participants can experiment in a creative virtual environment. The Organising Committee will form teams of 15 students following a student application process. These teams will be led by tutors from both academia and local practitioners. The charrette is an excellent opportunity for students who wish to work collaboratively as a team while being guided by experienced facilitators.

Sustainable Green Climate Post Covid-19

The global outbreak of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) affects every part of human life, including the physical world. Measures are taken to control the spread of the virus and the slowdown of economic activities have significant environmental and energy impacts. The earth is experiencing global warming and day by day the issue becomes more critical. Efforts to prevent climate change has become the main priority in maintaining our ecosystem services from this serious environmental issue.

The project is an initiative to mitigate the impacts of climate change within urban areas to be more resilient, functional, and future proof. It will help to alleviate the pressing urban issues such as flash floods, urban heat islands, and haze, an annual occurrence which is derived from environmental pollutants. The proposed activities will lay the foundation for a sustainable city by addressing the harsh climatic condition in tropical towns and cities. The outcome of this activities is expected to trigger the issues of global warming by focussing on climate mitigation.

This Student Charrette is a platform to let YOU share your ideas in combatting climate change. YOU need to identify how do YOU fit in this situation and what sort of role that YOU can play. In doing so, YOU are encouraged to share things from your own perspectives and experiences. This would eventually help to map out strategies and actions that can be agreed upon in formulating answers to the problems.


The main aim of this charrette is to explore the planning and design of low-carbon and green city landscape post-Covid 19 concepts that enhance the function and value of ecosystem services. Stakeholders such as local authorities will take this chance to consider integrating ideas and solution (presented by the participants) for climate change measures into national policies, strategies, and planning.

Activity Spotlight

  1. The participant will design a long term post-Covid 19 landscape infrastructure and create a green parameter that not only aesthetically solves the streetscapes but also reducing airborne pollution and carbon footprint levels.
  2. The participant will also work in team to demonstrate a creative and innovative solutions, appropriate and responsive methods, and able to address biotic issues e.g., biodiversity, biophilia, microclimate, water-sensitive, low carbon, green city, etc.
  3. The participants will present the final design which may comprise of the following combination:
    1. Drawings
    2. Virtual 3D model
    3. Video presentation

(*Not limited to any multimedia application)

Speaker Profile

LAr. Norliza Mohd Yusof

Clouston Design Studio (M) Sdn Bhd

LAr. Norliza Mohd Yusof (NolieYusof) is a registered Landscape Architect, the pioneer in rebranding and developing Clouston Design Studio (M) Sdn Bhd since 2005. She develops Clouston to be a well-known landscape architect consultant company especially in developing sustainable landscape, towards in Malaysia, and currently managing two offices in Kuala Lumpur and Johor Baharu.

With her vast experience of more than 20 years in the industry, she is well known in designing landscape for outstanding developers, in which landscape design has been made as one of the tools to market development products, beside that, her ability in developing landscape conceptual and studies for new townships has always been put forefront. Her works for landscape design, aim in creating meaningful outdoor places for the people, lead Clouston in winning 6 Malaysian Landscape Architecture Award (MLAA) and 1 from FutureArc for Green Initiatives Award in 2011.

Norliza (NolieYusof) believes in promoting strong relationship with nature is vital, and it is everyone’s responsibility, and thus, she starts giving lectures, promoting awareness to students and public. She shares her experience and interest in series of lectures in several local universities such as UTM, IIUM,UPM, UiTM and UM recently. She was one of the facilitator, for KAIAL courses, teaching young landscape architects in Institute Landscape Architects Malaysia (ILAM) the professional body of Landscape Architecture in Malaysia.

Andrew Grant

Founder and Director of Grant Associates

Andrew is a Landscape Architect whose work explores the connection between people and nature. He started his company, Grant Associates, in 1997 which has grown into an international design studio with offices in Bath and Singapore. His approach is based around using creative ecology to find solutions to the major challenges of climate change, biodiversity loss and improving human quality of life, health and well being. Each of his projects responds to the place, its inherent ecology and its people and promotes quality and innovation in landscape design.

In 2012 he was awarded the title of RSA Royal Designer for Industry in recognition of his pioneering global work in landscape architecture such as the multi award winning Gardens by the Bay in Singapore. The 54 hectare park explores the technical boundaries of landscape and horticulture in an Asian city and won the Building Project of the Year Award at the 2012 World Architecture Festival.

He is a Visiting Professor at the University of Sheffield, an Honorary Fellow of the RIBA and a member of the National Infrastructure Commission Design Group. Based in the city of Bath he is Chair of the Bathscape Landscape Partnership and a member of the Bath World Heritage Site Advisory Board. He is also co-founder of the pop up festival Forest of Imagination which engages the wider community of Bath in the reimagining of city spaces and our relationship with nature in the city.

Prof. Dato’ Dr. Aileen Tan Shau Hwai

Centre for Marine and Coastal Studies (CEMACS)
Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM)

Executive Director
Asia-Pacific University-Community Engagement Network (APUCEN)

Aileen Tan Shau Hwai is a Professor in Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM). Currently, she is the Director of Centre for Marine and Coastal Studies (CEMACS) in USM and also the Executive Director of the Asia-Pacific University-Community Engagement Network (APUCEN). She has been elected as the first woman president of the 58-years old UNITAS Malacologica, which is based in Belgium, from 2013-2016.

Professionally, her field of expertise is in marine science, specializing in mariculture and conservation of molluscs. She is the first Malaysian woman who has successfully culture the oysters from eggs and sperms through artificial spawning. She is a consultant in setting up bivalve hatcheries in USA, China, Vietnam and Thailand since 1993. She has championed the work on green aquaculture for sustainable food security. She has committed herself and made impactful contribution in guiding the coastal communities and the bottom billion on alternative livelihood through sustainable green aquaculture and also educating them on balancing profit with conservation of the environment.


Malaysia Time Zone: (GMT+8)

28 July 2021

1.45pm – 2.00pm

Virtual Arrival of All Participants

2.00pm – 2.20pm

Welcoming Speech
Video Presentation

2.20pm – 3.10pm

Sharing Session with Expert and Presentation of Project Brief
Topic: Global Warming is Happening: Where Do We Begin
Speaker: LAr. Norliza Yusof

LAr. Norliza Mohd Yusof

Clouston Design Studio (M) Sdn Bhd

3.10pm – 3.15pm

Virtual Photo Session

3.15pm – 4.15 pm

Briefing and Ice Breaking
Warm up – Sketches

4.15pm – 6.00pm

Breakout Session Day 1


End of Day 1 Session

Malaysia Time Zone: (GMT+8)

29 July 2021

1.45pm – 2.00pm

Virtual Arrival of All Participants

2.00pm – 6.00pm

Breakout Session Day 2


End of Day 2 Session

Malaysia Time Zone: (GMT+8)

30 July 2021

OnlineFree View
*Live Streaming on Social Media*
2.45pm – 3.00pm

Virtual Arrival of All Participants

3.00pm – 3.15pm

Welcoming Speec
Video Presentation

3.15pm – 3.30pm

Sharing Session with Expert 1
Topic: Landscape Cities
Speaker: Andrew Grant

Andrew Grant

Founder and Director of Grant Associates

3.30pm – 3.45pm

Sharing Session with Expert 2
Topic: We Are All Connected: Stop
Sea Level Increase
Speaker: Prof Aileen Tan Shau Hwai

Prof. Dato’ Dr. Aileen Tan Shau Hwai

Centre for Marine and Coastal Studies (CEMACS)
Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM)

3.45pm – 4.55pm

Presentation Part 1
Q&A Session 1

4.55pm – 5.00 pm


5.00pm – 6.10pm

Presentation Part 2
Q&A Session 2

6.10pm – 6.45pm

Closing Ceremony and Prize

6.45pm – 6.50pm

Virtual Photo Session

6.50pm – 7.00pm

Closing Remarks

Participation Fees:

A participation fee is required for participant in the charrette programme, registration is opened at ifla2020 website

NOTE: limited to 150pax, on a first-come, first served basis.

For the rate of the participation, please refer to



A proof of enrolment at a university / faculty or course in Landscape Architecture and other disciplines related to the built environment or sustainable studies is required upon registration. (For example: A letter of recommendation / letter from faculty / transcript of records, in PDF format)


Please direct further enquiries regarding the Student Charrette to the email address: ifla2020charrette@outlook.com.

The subject of the email should begin with tag #Charrette. E.g., #Charrette - Enquiry

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IFLA2020 International Student Charrette

Date: 16-18 August 2021

Venue: USM Centre for Marine and Coastal Studies (CEMACS), Teluk Bahang

Meeting Point & Time:

3:00pm @ Penang National Park Entrance, Teluk Bahang

Online Registration Deadline:

31 December 2020

Registration closed at 6.00 pm (Malaysia Time: UTC or GMT +8)


Hosted by

Sponsored by

IFLA2020 International Student Charrette

The International Student Charrette of the 57th IFLA World Congress, World Landscape Architects Summit 2020 is an intensive workshop open to all students of Landscape Architecture and other allied disciplines related to the built environment or sustainable studies.

The Student Charrette will provides an excellent learning opportunity for participants in an intensive period of learning, design and planning, working as individuals and in a team, by professionals and experts in global environmental issues. Our planet is on the brink. Our mission is to support culture, protect human health and the environment.

The Student Charrette is jointly organised by the Institute of Landscape Architects Malaysia (ILAM) and International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA). The Student Charrette will be hosted by the School of Housing, Building and Planning, Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) and will be held at the Centre for Marine and Coastal Studies (CEMACS), USM Penang from 16-18 August 2021.


The Centre for Marine and Coastal Studies (CEMACS) was established in August 1991 to undertake research and post-graduate training in Marine Science and Coastal Ecosystems. CEMACS is located at Teluk Aling the northwest coast of Penang Island in the Penang National Park. The centre’s international associates include those from Canada, Australia, USA, UK, Japan, Cambodia, Indonesia, India, Iran, Australia, China, Singapore, Vietnam and Denmark.



It is not too late to Save Our Planet. Through works with objects and materials from nature, the students seek new forms of solutions to protect the environment. We believe that there is a need to hear a lot more from landscape architects in the future as they play a significant role in protecting the environment. There has long been a misunderstanding about what they actually do – “something about gardens” being a common response. But the diversity and scale of work in landscape architecture is huge, and the mix of skills and expertise required shows real promise for dealing with the pressing issues facing the environment. Whether climate change or urbanisation, population growth or densification, landscape architects have ideas for how to make our future environment liveable, workable, sustainable and beautiful.

The IFLA2020 International Student Charrette divided into 4 Gems as below:


GEM 1:


Plastic has been crown as the biggest threat and problem in environment currently. Besides learning about plastic pollution, participants will experience and expose to the marine and forest ecosystem during tour to the smallest forest but the richest in biodiversity of Penang National Park. Also, they will have exciting and fun activities encountering the diverse of marine invertebrates from sandy and rocky shore.

CEMACS (indoor), Beach and Forest

GEM 2:


Participants will express and showcase their talents and creativity in creating contemporary art work using sources from surrounding landscape. This fun-creative activities is also a platform for them to build a sense of awareness in battling plastic pollution and also as an appreciation of our infinite resource in our local ecosystems.

CEMACS (outdoor)

GEM 3:


It is more than a concert. Participants will assemble to learn and experience, to listen and explore the surrounding nature, to use the nature as inspiration to change perceptions and minds, to motivate people, and to positively impact the nature with which we co-habitate.

CEMACS (indoor)

GEM 4:


Participants will experience the beautiful coastal rainforest during hiking out to Pasir Pandak, Teluk Tukun and actively involve in interactive learning pursuits about the river ecosystem and its communities. It will be a lifetime excitement to appreciate about beautiful freshness nature, diverse flora and fauna from the river ecosystem itself.

River and Forest

DRESS CODE: Outdoor Casual

Please bring suitable outfit for outdoor and water recreational activities:


An entry fee is required for each participant. The entry fee of MYR 350 (Ringgit Malaysia) is required to be paid at the time of entry registration online.

Registration Fees inclusive of the followings (16-18 August 2021):




REGISTERation Closed