International Student Design Competition

IFLA2020 International Student Design Competition

Registration Deadline : 15 December 2020
Submission Deadline : 31 December 2020


The International Landscape Architecture Student Design Competition is organised as part of the 57th IFLA World Congress, World Landscape Architects Summit 2020 event. Jointly organised by the Institute of Landscape Architects Malaysia (ILAM), International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA), and the Department of Landscape Architecture, Faculty of Built Environment and Surveying (FBES), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM). The Design Competition promotes the evolution of landscape architecture through education.


  • To generate ideas and formulate potential landscape architecture-based design solutions to overcome current and future issues worldwide.
  • To cultivate students' ability in investigating the dynamic processes in landscape planning and design according to the range of complexities, which may include aesthetic, functional, ecological, socio-cultural, historic-patrimonial, economic-productive, and ethics.
  • To demonstrate how landscape architecture solutions can effectively redefine and overcome unsustainable practices through innovative ideas.




  • The competition challenges students to explore urban landscapes by adopting a problem-based approach in relation to the current global issues such as climate change, food security, agriculture, natural disaster and etc.
  • The proposed ideas should include the concept that has the value of “representational, communicational and motivational functions", while tackling unsustainable practices and problems manifested in the urban landscapes.
  • The most appropriate approaches and techniques should be applied to the creation of novel spaces and the improvement of their management, leading towards a meaningful and sustainable approach.


Students are free to select the context, site and scale of their projects. It may either apply to specific landscape sites and challenges that they are familiar with, or highlight global issues based on the theme as mentioned above. The design must show a reflective and innovative approach, how values and identity are imbued to the designed space, and the chosen strategy for the project execution.


  • The competition is open to all students of landscape architecture and allied disciplines (where a country or university does not include a program specifically identified as Landscape Architecture).
  • Both individual and group submissions will be accepted, and each student or group is allowed only one entry. For group submission, only one submitting person needs to register to avoid duplication.
  • Broad interdisciplinary submissions are also welcomed; however, the design must still focus on the configuration and level of the landscape, and must have at least one Landscape Architecture student in the group.
  • The number of members in each participating group shall not exceed five (5). Only students are eligible to be members of the project teams (instructors, program directors, alumni, etc. are not eligible.)
  • Professional collaborators and associates of the members of the jury, and their relatives up to a third degree, may not enter the competition.
  • Students are prohibited from contacting any member of the jury prior to or during the competition process.


  • The following are the awards granted for the competition:
  • 1ST Group Han Prize – USD 1500 + Certificate
  • 2ND Group Han Prize – USD 1000 + Certificate
  • 3RD ILAM Prize – USD 500 + Certificate
  • 4TH to 6TH Prize – Certificated Honourable Mentions
  • e-Certificates will be given to all participated entries via email after the event


  • Comprehensive investigation of the competition theme and consideration of the overall theme.
  • Clear documentation of analysis and design process.
  • Effective and attractive communication of design theme and the concept of “representational, communicational, motivational functions”.
  • Clearly stated site synthesis with appropriate methods and approaches based on the site issues.
  • A spatial form design that triggers a unique impression together with the qualities of the landscape.
  • Demonstrate reflective and innovative design approaches which are feasible and adaptable to development and changes in the future.
  • Effective and reflective design that addresses social, environmental and economic sustainability.
  • Integration of the practical and aesthetic aspects of landscape architectural works.


  • An entry fee is required for each submission, whether submitted by an individual or a group. The entry fee of MYR 200 (Malaysian Ringgit) is required to be paid at the time of entry registration online.

Note :

  • Any payment made are not refundable and not transferable.


Submissions must adhere to the following requirements or they will be disqualified:

  1. All submissions must be in English
  2. Submit the following documents (can be found at the FORMS DOWNLOAD section)
    • THE OFFICIAL ENTRY FORM, DECLARATION FORM, SUBMISSION CHECKLIST FORM. Please note that any project that does not include this signed endorsement shall be disqualified.
    • Executive Summary (maximum 250 words in Microsoft Word format): A written executive summary of the project, including project context, issues to be addressed, main features, and innovations. This is for potential use in the jury report or any subsequent publications. This must be saved as a PDF and include the project title, but with no mention of the project team or school. The text must be unjustified, left aligned and double spaced, in Times New Roman font at 12 points. Projects with description or written text exceeding the maximum words shall be disqualified.
    • 2 (TWO) DESIGN PANELS, SIZE A1 IN PORTRAIT FORMAT, PDF FILE (please indicate the order of viewing the boards in the naming of the softcopy file). The panels must include the project title, but exclude information that would identify the author, the team or the school. As entries are received, ENTRY NUMBER will be assigned, and entries shall be referred to by number to ensure anonymity during the judging.
  3. Please note the following:
    • Include enough information to provide context for the project (for example, drone photo view, site plan, and other context information).
    • Provide a range of drawings at a range of scales that are appropriate for the purposes of illustrating the project.
    • Make sure to provide a clear and concise description of the intentions of the project, special issues or considerations, approaches and methods, and concepts (maximum 200 words). Legends, notes and captions should be minimal and are not included in the word count.
    • Projects consisting of a number of posters or of orientation other than what is specified in the brief (Two A1 size posters, portrait orientation) will be disqualified.
    • Any written text on the panel must be in English, with the exception of a complementary translation of the project title into a second language.
    • Projects with description or written texts in a language other than English words shall be disqualified.
    • The entrants must ensure that all images, photographs and other materials from other sources are correctly attributed. Source credits are not included in the word count.



Fill in the online form and proceed to make payment of MYR 200 (Malaysian Ringgit) for each entry. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER


Upon completed the online registration and payment, an ENTRY NUMBER will be sent to the registered e-mail alongside with the login details.


Prepare the design submission based on the instructions provided, save the design files and the forms (Declaration From, Entry Details Form and Submission Checklist) and prepare to upload via your prefered online cloud storage (google drive, wetransfer, dropbox, one drive and etc). Please ensure all A1 panels and forms are filled with the ENTRY NUMBER provided in the confirmation e-mail.


Upon uploaded your files to your prefered online storage. Login to your registered account and submit your cloud storage DOWNLOAD LINK.


Please click below to download all the forms required for submission


PDF files of posters must have a 300dpi resolution and the maximum size of the file shall be 200MB. Larger files will not be accepted. It is the responsibility of the authors/teams to guarantee that the final images and files are in the size and resolution adequate to their legibility.


  1. Participation in the Competition implies unconditional acceptance of the Competition Rules.
  2. All Competition entries are the property of the Local Organizing Committee of the 57th IFLA World Congress,World Landscape Architects Summit 2020, Penang, Malaysia. Entries will not be returned to the authors.
  3. The works submitted by competition entrants may be placed on exhibition in digital or paper format during the 57th IFLA World Congress, World Landscape Architects Summit 2020, Penang, Malaysia, and may also be exhibited elsewhere after the Congress at the discretion of the Local Organizing Committee and/or IFLA.
  4. IFLA and Institute of Landscape Architects Malaysia (ILAM) retain the right of duplication and publication of any or all materials submitted to the Competition, and there shall be no obligation whatsoever to the entrants, beyond the acknowledgement of the authorship of the works exhibited or published.
  5. All entrants are absolutely forbidden to have their submissions (or any part thereof) published in any way prior to the notification of the jury’s final decision. The jury shall preside over the competition and is the sole arbiter at all levels until the final attribution of prizes. All decisions of the jury are final.
  6. The winner shall be announced by the IFLA President upon recommendation of the jury.
  7. Entrants are forbidden from requesting any information from the members of the jury.


The Jury will be composed by three to five members of IFLA. The members will be appointed according to the protocols of the IFLA Student Competitions.


30 July 2020
Last day for Enquiries
15 December 2020
Registration closes at 6.00pm (Malaysia Time : UTC or GMT +8)
31 December 2020
Submission closes at 6.00pm (Malaysia Time : UTC or GMT +8)
March 2021
Competition Judging
May – July 2021
May/July : Announcement of the winners
Mid July : Submission of Video Presentation by the top winners
18 August – 30 September 2021
Exhibition of Winners’ Video Presentation on IFLA2020 online platform

IFLA2020 International Student Design Competition

Judging Process

Date: 17-18 August 2021

Venue: Bangunan UAB, George Town

This event is ‘by IFLA invitation only’

Public Exhibition

Date: 19-20 August 2021

Venue: Hin Bus Depot, George Town

Open to public